Guenther Mancke, biodynamique beekeeper, creator of the sunhive

Guenther Mancke, biodynamique beekeeper, creator of the sunhive
" There are many reasons for bees' present-day afflictions. We can be sure, however, that one of these reasons is the fact that the creature, as a physical and ethereal entity, can no longer live its life as it is meant to. Our attempts have therefore been directed at counteracting the debilitation of the bees' vital forces by means of those stabilising forces that are inherent in form. These latter forces act subtly in a generally therapeutic way on the living organism that is the colony, but they must be supplemented by methods of animal husbandry that abandon some of the old customs and replace them with new ones. On the one hand, the new skep we have developed allows the bee to live its life in a way that accords with its being, and on the other hand the system of movable combs offers the beekeeper the means of laying hand to the hive and taking any appropriate action that may be necessary. The Sun Hive is therefore an intermediate form between a fixed-comb hive and one with a movable comb system.
words : "The Sunhive" by Guenther Mancke
photography by Jan Michael, rucher école Villa le Bosquet
infos about sunhive activities in the Uk contact : Natural Bee keeping Trust