Heidi Herrmann, natural bee keeper.
Those of us with bees in their life are exceedingly fortunate. They lead us to new ways of knowing. Bees are great teachers, so beekeepers must constantly strive for a bee-worthy attitude. That is not easy as we human beings are still evolving,  whereas they are complete, evolved to perfection. Ideally, as beekeepers, we become good mediators between bees and people who do not know them yet, or even fear them. Our troubled world needs to be full of love for the bees. They can inspire many changes in the way we live, so they are really quite powerful.  Henry David Thoreau said that “the keeping of bees is like directing the sunbeams”.  Good practice comes from respect and knowledge of the intimacies of bee life. Without bees we are nothing.
words by Heidi Herrmann  site web : http://naturalbeekeepingtrust.org

Heidi Herrman

Heidi Herrmann apiculrice biodynamique en Angleterre

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